This has to be the site of the moment. If you need anything on video, you’ll find it here. Legal or illegal, it is a wealth of material. Nothing expresses what web 2 is about more than YouTube! How do so many people find so much time to engage in something so immaterial? And so much of it is just good fun!

Add to that the educational value of it for me as a teacher and you have the perfect site! We really need to be pushing this kind of literacy as the secret to curing many ills, because I think this is even more interesting than podcasting and other forms of so-called ‘new media’. I could create a ‘vodcast’ as I’m sitting here — well. in fact, I did, but I put it on my web site rather than on YouTube (but maybe I should have as the storage is free). The fact that I could create an instructional video using a screen capture application, the mic and camera on the iMac, and QuickTime Pro… well, it’s not rocket science. It’s creative, it involves all the key literacy skills, and the kids should be using it.
Now for the Awards. My vote, without any hesitation, is The original human Tetris performance. It’s not only brilliantly creative and technically inspiring, it is  (as they say) right out of left field.