Mark’s website contains a huge amount of information, and it is hard to accurately describe his content because he covered so much ground. For me, it was a ground-breaking experience. The whole business is summarised in a quote from Howard Gardner:

β€œI discern two legitimate reasons for undertaking new educational practices. The first reason is that our current practices are not actually working… The second reason is that conditions in the world have changed significantly.”

Mark’s intention is to show that technology, far from threatening education in particular and society in general, makes possible what should be the purposes of education.

β€œTo facilitate the outworking of the inherent potential embodied within every child, such that their uniqueness can change the world for the better via their active involvement in their community and their ability to be lifelong learners that are self assured; balancing confidence with humility and having the capacity to apply their abilities with wisdom.”

I have read a significant amount of the book, but it will take ages to follow up the matter in the book. I hope to eventually create a linkroll with all of the urls from the book and elsewhere. Ultimately, I would love to use the book as a professional development tool (actually, I would love Mark to visit the College and help people to get on board). Here, for the moment, are the ideas that are making my mind steam at the moment:

  1. The implications of the ‘The Upper Limit Hypothesis‘:

    The scary thing about this is that implicit in this is the speed of the implementation of the new paradigm will exceed the possible impact of traditional Professional Development:

  2. School v2.0
    This provides such a scope for speculation that it is hard to acknowledge that part of it is already possible.
    Mark’s diagramatical summary is:
    I think I have just decided to redesign the school!
  3. The role of schools has changed: not irrelevant, but in fact more relevant. More on that next post, but it is a great time to be a teacher. If we can make the transition that they have, we have more to offer that ever before.