If I keep writing at this level of detail, we will need to wake early each morning to chronicle.

Our goal was d’Orsay, but we found ourselves outside la Madeleine and popped inside for mass. Suitably sanctified, we strolled over to la Rive Gauche and up the quai.

The gallery was Paula’s nightmare; huge crowds, long queues and a lot of
artists that weren’t her favourites. I’ve always been partial to late 19th Century painting, but Paula’s more of a
Renaissance woman, in every sense.

We saw a fair bit in two or three hours but found the crowds a bit much. We strolled through the gardens in front of the Louvre but found ourselves a bit tired to dive into the Latin Quarter. Back at home base, we decided on a power nap and slept for three hours, which was a mistake.

A bistro meal and some planning rounded out the day. One can only hope that the body clocks sort out today.

Monday’s plan is train tickets, a cruise on the Seine and a trip to Montparnasse. Versaille is Tuesday.