We have discovered one of life’s secrets: Premium Economy. It’s a secret that didn’t cost us a cent, either! Owing to the presence of a contingent of junior high school ambassadors from Cleveland, Ohio, all the economies were taken when I finally checked in on line. They looked like economy on the screen, so imagine our amazement when we sat down with extra legroom and wriggle-room (for Paula).

Consequently, we have both managed about four hours sleep, enjoyed the food, watched a couple of movies and knocked over the weekend SMH. “The Road” was very well done and didn’t spoil the book – and it would make a great distinctively visual text!!

We’ll grab a wrap for lunch in the terminal rather than paying on Air Canada. Vancouver looks good, although we are worrying about a possible rail strike in Canada that would spoil our Rockies plans.

More tonight: with hopefully some WiFi!