This has been the most marvelous day, walking through downtown Vancouver, spending hours in the magnificent Aquarium, seeing the glories of Stanley Park and finishing with a great meal at a Vancouver tradition (best fish and chips in years).

The aquarium is best told in pictures! The Pacific dolphins were a treat (wait for Paula’s video). Seals and sealions were like interesting dogs – very naughty ones in the case of the sealions.

The belugas were simply beautiful. Far more personable and social even than the dolphins, their expressiveness was quite remarkable. The ultimate clown were the sea otters of course, but the whole centre was wonderful and certainly worth time and the money.

The park was stunning to eucalypt-bred Aussies; sequoias and hemlocks and all sorts of things. Dinner was at a local classic – Joe Forte’s – with local wine and beer. Paula had seafood tacos, I had halibut.

The waterfront is amazing because this is still a working port. Tomorrow we see another side of BC: the sound and some maritime nature. Can’t wait.