We are traveling through the Canadian Rockies on our way to Jasper, having spent our first night on a train – not quite together, as the beds were a little narrow. Even for the two of us, the cabin is a little close and it requires some planning to move around.

The night noises did not worry us: we both has about seven hours sleep and woke at about six o’clock, refreshed. I think the only time I stirred was when the motion stopped.

This kind of train travel has a simple pleasure most other transport has lost. There are always things to see and, since the train is going no faster than eighty km/h and sometimes forty, you have time to see, even if the photos aren’t great. One can imagine the French approach to crossing the Canadian Rockies: zree days to Toronto? Sacre Bleu, ve will sell you the TGV that will do it in 12 hours – and serve something better than vin ordinaire!

The food has been good, the books read, so now we are ready for Jasper.