Jan 2
We woke early and walked to St Francis Xavier Cathedral for mass. It was a beautiful cathedral but the priest had the strangest accent and spoke like a BBC newsreader.

We then drove to Klemzig to pick up the boys and Kristen to go shopping and then to Glenelg. Unfortunately, the SA retail sector forgot to tell the general public that they weren’t going to
open for another day so nothing was open. We quickly moved to Plan B- Glenelg.

Glenelg is a pretty postcard seaside town with a lovely jetty. The surf is non-existent but the water is very warm and Chris taught Kristen a few of the basics of body surfing. We had a feed of the traditional seaside fare — fish & chips and ice cream ( Cold Rock no less). Kristen showed her skills as an aerial gymnast and we finished the visit with a walk along the jetty.

Later that night we met up for dinner at the Walkaville Arms Hotel, a fantastic hotel which has been renovated to create an airy, outdoor feel. The food was fabulous and it was also very family friendly like most of the pubs in Adelaide. They could teach Sydney a thing or two about pub culture.