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K–10 – Board of Studies NSW.

K–10 English, mathematics, science and history

New K–10 syllabuses for English, mathematics, science and history

The Board of Studies has commenced the development of K–10 syllabuses for English, mathematics, science and history. The new syllabuses will include the Australian curriculum content descriptions and retain many of the features that are familiar to and appreciated by NSW teachers. The Board’s established syllabus development process, including widespread consultation, will inform this work. Have your say by completing the online survey.

Consultation on the K–10 draft syllabuses

In Terms 2 and 3, 2011 the Board of Studies will consult with teachers and the wider community on the K–10 draft syllabuses. Consultation will include:

K–10 consultation meetings Terms 2 and 3, 2011
Meeting venue details
K–10 English 27 July 
28 July 
16 August 
17 August 
23 August 
24 August 
K–10 Mathematics 21 June 
Tumbi Umbi
20 July 
Baulkham Hills
25 July 
27 July 
North Ryde
28 July 
Broken Hill
3 August 
K–10 Science 20 June 
23 June 
19 July 
20 July 
28 July 
Rooty Hill
1 August 
K–10 History 20 July 
21 July 
26 July 
2 August 
Batemans Bay
8 August 
11 August 

K–10 draft syllabuses and content guides

The K–10 draft syllabuses will be the focus of consultation. The English K–10 draft syllabus is being finalised and will be available from 18 July.

Mathematics K–10 draft syllabus
Part 1 – Introduction (PDF, 1.1 MB)
Part 2 – Early Stage 1 content (PDF, 210 KB)
Part 3 – Stage 1 content (PDF, 420 KB)
Part 4 – Stage 2 content (PDF, 565 KB)
Part 5 – Stage 3 content (PDF, 625 KB)
Part 6 – Stage 4 content (PDF, 915 KB)
Part 7 – Stage 5 content (PDF, 2 MB)
Part 8 – Life Skills content (PDF, 435 KB)
Part 9 – Continuum of Learning, Stage Statements and Assessment (PDF, 225 KB)
Mathematics content guide (PDF, 170 KB)
Science K–10 draft syllabus (PDF, 800 KB)
K–6 Science and Technology content guide (PDF, 86 KB)
Years 7–10 Science content guide (PDF, 78 KB)
History K–10 draft syllabus (PDF, 2.15 MB)
History content guide (PDF, 75 KB)

Previous consultation in 2010

During 2010, the Board of Studies conducted consultation on the K–10 draft Australian curriculum for English, mathematics, science and history. Read more about the consultation conducted in 2010.