The Banned List: Top 100 | John Rentoul | Independent Eagle Eye Blogs.

I’m going to print this. Favourites?

7. Learning curve.

10. In any way, shape or form.

12. Community, especially a vibrant one.

15. Makeover.

7. Going forward.

20. At this moment in time.

22. Hard-working families.

24. Black hole (in a financial context).

25. The elephant in the room.

26. Perfect storm.

31. IMO, IMHO, LOL, ROFL and so on. I mean, whose opinion is it going to be? Genuinely witty abbreviations, however, are permitted, for example, QTWTAIN, YYSSW, IICRS (Questions to Which the Answer is No; Yeah, Yeah, Sure, Sure, Whatever; Iraq Inquiry Coverage Rebuttal Service)

39. “Action” as a verb.

45. A package of. Especially measures.

51. “Leverage” as a verb.

65. A no-brainer.

72. Paradigm shift. Or anything to do with a paradigm.

89. Deliverables.

97. Rolling out, except carpet, wallpaper or logs.

98. Forward planning (until invention of time machine allowing other kinds).