I certainly don’t find this an easy issue, but I heard Terry Pratchett talk earlier in the year and found him courageous and articulate about his own future. For those (like me) teaching bioethical issues, this is a potential resource for starting discussion – but I don’t think I would showing the kids the film! There was a good Compass last week that would have been more appropriate.

Author defends film of assisted dying as BBC fields complaints

Sir Terry Pratchett said he made the programme because he was ashamed that Britons had to go to Switzerland to end their lives

By Jerome Taylor

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

The author Sir Terry Pratchett was forced to defend his documentary on assisted dying yesterday, after critics rounded on the BBC for broadcasting the death of a millionaire hotelier with motor neurone disease who chose to end his life in a Swiss clinic.

Anti-euthanasia campaigners accused Sir Terry and the BBC of “cheerleading” for a change in legislation, to which they are vehemently opposed. While religious groups tend to oppose assisted suicide on theological grounds, many disability activists are against changing the law because they fear legalisation of euthanasia would put pressure on the elderly and disabled to end their lives prematurely and detract from wider demands for better living provisions.

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