• This is very sound advice. I must change mine to the passcode system: hadn't even thought about it.

    For computer work, think about 1Password: highly recommended.

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  • I suppose it does raise the question of "are we overeducated"? That itself raises the question of why we educate at all. The line taken by the journo assumes that education – and higher education at that – serves some utilitarian purpose. I suppose that is one attitude, given the social cost. But what about the idea of education as a personal and social, rather than a material, investment. I don't think this covers things at all. John Henry Newman, where are you when we need you?
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  • Love it. As the article says, A troll is someone "who constructs the identity of sincerely wishing to be part of the group in question, including professing or conveying pseudo-sincere intentions, but whose real intention(s) is/are to cause disruption and/or to trigger or exacerbate conflict for the purposes of their own amusement".

    There are dangers lurking in a social network near you!

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