How have I missed hearing about this guy?


O come, in any way you want,

In morning sunlight fooling in the leaves

Or in thick bouts of rain that soak my head


Because of what the darkness said


Or come, though far too slowly for my eye to see,

Like a dark hair that fades to gray


Come with the wind that wraps my house


Or winter light that slants upon a page


Because the beast is stirring in its cage


Or come in raw and ragged smells

Of gumleaves dangling down at noon

Or in the undertow of love

When she’s away


Because a night creeps through the day


Come as you used to, years ago,

When I first fell for you


In the deep calm of an autumn morning

Beginning with the cooing of a dove


Because of love, the lightest love


Or if that’s not your way these days

Because of me, because

Of something dead in me,

Come like a jagged knife into my gut


Because your touch will surely cut


Come any way you want

via KEVIN HART – SELECTED POEMS – The Pilgrim Project.