July 2011

…student voices aren’t always heard when it comes to what they want from their education.

via Five things students say they want from education | Featured Superintendents Center | eSchoolNews.com.

Bloomin’ iPad by Kathy Schrock.

Never thought about it this way!

NSW: More calls for ethics classes to go | Australian Teacher Magazine – No.1 national education sector publication

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ACU chosen to trial new teaching approach – CathNews.

Of course, this will lead to lower tuition costs… won’t it?

Australian Catholic University is one of two tertiary institutions chosen for a pilot program to trial the the use of instructional software and other web-based learning resources, reports theAustralian.

A three-year pilot will overhaul two subjects each at James Cook University and the Australian Catholic University, using an American-style redesign of potential “bottleneck” subjects which could improve student outcomes while cutting delivery costs by up to 77 percent, the paper reports.

The beauty of this is that one might assume that one gets an even standard of tuition, rather than the hit and miss teaching that seems to be normal in unit these days.

Scary stuff, particularly when one considers how civilised Europe appears and what a delight it is to be in European cities. One could believe it in the US, perhaps, but hardly in Western Europe. Thank God for our rather ramshackle democracy in OZ.

Over the last decade, the extreme right in Europe has become more palatable. The overt racism and chest-beating nationalism of previous years have been discarded. What characterizes the new far-right is a defiant, aggressive defence of national culture and history in the face of a changing world, of secularism, and even of democracy and liberty. While each has its idiosyncrasies, far-right parties are responding to genuine concerns of many voters: that modern globalization hasn’t benefitted them, that mass immigration — especially from Muslim-majority countries — is threatening local and national identity.

Rise of the Radical Right – By Jamie Bartlett and Jonathan Birdwell | Foreign Policy.

Read the comments on Peter Hartcher’s piece! What a diversity of views we have on this issue.

If there is any consolation in this massacre, it is that deranged people like Anders Behring Breivik can’t think straight. He had enough mental clarity to organise logistics but so little connection with the larger reality of humanity that he failed to understand his butchery would have the opposite effect.

via Norwegian massacre is wrong, not far right.

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