We have heard almost nothing of this in Australia!

Those who attended the World Youth Day celebrations in Madrid seem to have found it truly inspirational. It was a genuine encounter with the Risen Lord mani­fested through his Church, under the leadership of Pope Benedict. If problems that the Church faces worldwide can be tackled in this spirit, then certainly there is hope. This applies particularly to the unfolding crisis in the Austrian Church, which if not handled with delicacy could become a catastrophic schism and quickly spread. It is fortunate that the man with the responsibility to defuse it, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, is one of the Church’s most able leaders who is inevitably being looked at as a possible successor to Pope Benedict.

The reason the protest movement – called the “Austrian Priests’ Initiative” – is so potent is precisely because of the truth of so much of what it is saying. The priests are drawing attention to the wide and growing disconnection between the norms of official church teaching, and everyday Catholic life as lived by many of the clergy and laity. Issues raised include birth ­control, Holy Communion for the divorced and remarried, priestly celibacy and the treatment of homosexuals. This distance between theory and practice is undeniable, from whatever perspective it is viewed. For some, the messy compromises of pastoral practice have been stretched to breaking point.

via The Tablet – Austria’s moment of truth.