Having worked in just about every variety of gendering imaginable, I’m a strong defender of co-education, not least because I think girls now hold their own, so one of the original justifications behind ‘gendering’ has now disappeared). It is interesting to be in a schools where we have moved (after some strong prodding from me) away from gendered classes – I think it will take two years for the boys to recover some level of social skill to make them able to function in a mixed classroom.
I loved teaching in single sex schools, but I think the mix is best, overall. Much of what passes for educational debate is really a defence of the culture of single-sex boys’ schools: the ability to engage in sport at a high level without critical reflection on the relevance of this to the 21st Century. I think you can have good rugby – which is what matters – without the rugger-bugger culture.

Segregated schools not the way to get your child an A
Andrew Stevenson and Jen Rosenberg
The Sydney Morning Herald
23 Sep 2011

SINGLE-SEX schools may be great schools but there is no evidence to suggest they improve academic performance, says a review published today in the journal Science. Sorting children by gender, either into separate classes or schools, is justified by…read more…