Don Watson would like this article and the book, but he got there first with Weasel Words.

One of the reasons for caring about language is that verbiage is a reliable indicator that something is wrong. When Liam Fox started babbling about his friend Adam Werritty’s “transactional behaviour” in the House of Commons on Monday, we should have realised that it was the beginning of the end.

via Banned list: the war on words – This Britain, UK – The Independent.

And, for some illustration, here is a recent excerpt from Weasel Words:

I am writing to advise you of an upcoming Leadership Dimensions workshop on ‘Lean Management’ … The application of Lean Thinking and Lean Management aligns and integrates long term business improvement strategies to day to day continuous improvement targets, ensuring along the way that enterprises remain above all else customer focused, flexible and ready for the challenges ahead. The Lean philosophy involves operating the most efficient and most effective enterprise possible, with lowest costs and minimal waste relative to customer value.

In order to develop a truly Lean Enterprise it is necessary for leaders to understand what lean thinking is, how it needs to be approached, what your role is in leading work teams within the organisation, how to instil a set of new behaviours/levels of engagement focused around the customer and a develop a plan for your own area.

Facilitated by UniSA academic staff members, this interactive session is designed to provide attendees with a broad understanding of Lean thinking principles, frameworks for implementing tools in the workplace, and will take you on a journey of other successful organisations which have removed “waste” from their organisation to enable a focus on more important activities. Learn why lean is a change in approach, and how costs are reduced by focussing on people not cost cutting.

Sweet Jesus, save us all.