Thank heavens for this sign of the Church reflecting ‘Gospel Values’ (hateful cliche, but it will do for now). I think the interesting one is the fear that the Church speaking out will alienate donors to St Pauls. The damn thing isn’t going to be allowed to fall down – if the City doesn’t support it voluntarily, the it will happen through taxation because it is too important a part of Brand Britain. The Church’s mission surely goes beyond archeology and curating old buildings, as fabulous as they might be as places for liturgy.

Church attacks London bankers over pay divide
Jonathan Wynne-jones and Kamal Ahmed
The Sydney Morning Herald
7 Nov 2011

LONDON: The Church of England has launched a fierce attack on bankers, accusing them of greed and having â€�â€�slipped their moral moorings’’. Senior figures stepped up their attack on the City in an apparently coordinated assault that comes a week after…read more…