It’s good to be writing a travel blog again, even if there won’t be a whole lot of entries, but it makes a change on the usual mash up of education issues! We’ve managed to keep travel diaries of one sort or another for each trip we’ve taken overseas and in Australia, but this is the first on an iPad. It makes a convenient change from the days of prepping out a few hundred words on an iPhone keypad, and certainly beats the days – or rather nights – of the handwritten diary. There was always that fraught moment when the non-diarist for the day was forced to admit that there were whole sections they could not decipher.

This time, we were wondering what fresh disaster we could bring to the Shaky Isles. The first time we came, natural disasters visited the North Island. The second trip, it was Paula’s medical emergency. Much speculation was ended when we were woken at midnight on the night before we flew out, with the news that our accommodation was unavailable because the ceiling had collapsed after a leak. The host very kindly had arranged alternatives, but one look at the holiday apartments in question set Paula in a fever of investigation. Nothing would satisfy her than an even better base that we had before.

The morning found as at Mascot, sitting in the International Terminal pounding our iPads in search of champagne hospitality on our usual beer budget. Exploiting the Entertainment Book without shame, we found amazing luxury right on the Lake and only twenty minutes walk from the middle of Queenstown. The views are to die for – something Liam and I will attempt later in the week on the end of some very strong elastic. Adventures await.