April 2012

Check out this video on YouTube:

This is a great article on iPads, for those of us wrestling with the complexities.

IPADS not laptops – Some reflections.

I always like Garrison Keillor’s sign off from Lake Woebegon: “…where all the children are above average.” For any statistician, average is a wonderful thing. As educators, we should recognise that most of our kids are bound to be about average, and so are we. The task is to lift the average! Click the cartoon to see the whole thing.


From John Hattie, Visible Learning.

Visible teaching and learning occurs when learning is the explicit goal, when  it is appropriately challenging, when the teacher and the student both (in their various ways) seek to ascertain whether and to what degree the challenging goal is attained, when there is deliberate practice aimed at attaining mastery of the goal, when there is feedback given and sought, and when there are active, passionate and engaging people (teacher, student, peers and so on) participating in the act of learning.

As you can see, I enjoyed reading it.

I missed this episode one the break, so I will look forward to catching up once the trips to work begin (love that drive to the Highlands).

Naturally, one for the Studies of Religion teachers out there.

The Good Book – Encounter – ABC Radio National (Australian Broadcasting Corporation).

Always good to see a discussion of language in the papers!

Errors & Omissions: In search of the final word on how to use prepositions properly – Errors & Omissions – Corrections – The Independent.

Prepositions can provoke violent loyalty and outrage. John Rentoul has been taken to task by another colleague in the office for having written in this space last week that it “does not matter much” whether you write “different from” or “different to”. There are those who think “different to” is awful.

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