A very good op piece from Gary Bouma on the events of this week and Monday night. I would add, that the tendency is for neo-atheists to behave as badly as fundamentalist Christians. Why is that?


When I declared in 1966 to my Cornell University sociology supervisor that my area was the sociology of religion, he declared, ”Bouma, you had better study something that will be around at the end of the century.”

Religion was on the way out and secularism was winning. Atheists only had to wait for the inexorable process of reason. They had already won.

Then came the 21st century and processes now evident in the late 20th came into play. The current rise of New Atheism is part of the revitalisation of religion that has been happening since the last quarter of the 20th century. During this time, there has been a return of conservative religious voices to the public domain. When viewed from the ivory towers of Western universities, the world seemed to be increasingly secular and getting along nicely without God. The realities were quite different.