Thanks, Mark Colvin, for pointing out what we should all remember:

Child abuse: it’s never been about religious denomination, it’s always been about adults having unchecked power.

Some confronting lines:

 Magdalene laundries were a Protestant invention, not a Catholic one.

But our Protestant abuse history is swept under the carpet. Day after day I listen to the litany of horrors of which the Catholic Church is rightly accused and no-one tells this plain truth: it was the same for us. Child abuse, sexual and otherwise, has nothing specifically to do with the Catholicism.

The truth is harder to swallow: child abuse was the norm in our society until very recently. The norm.

Now, suddenly, we’re waking up to it. This is because we are in the middle of a children’s rights revolution.


Over and over again I hear Protestants being sentimentalised and as a church-going member of the Church of Ireland, I find it insulting.

It serves the purpose of allowing Irish Catholics to go on blaming Mammy Church for the abuse of children instead of growing up and facing their own complicity.

You could sink the Catholic Church to the bottom of the sea in a concrete bunker The filth of child abuse would still wash up on the shore.

Protestant abuse history has been swept under the carpet brBy Victoria White | Irish Examiner.