Found an excellent article on the US MSC website. Excellent reflections on Bonnhoeffer’s spirituality and parallels in spirituality of the Sacred Heart.

Dietrich Bonhoeffer lived in a time when the meaning of religion was being challenged by the overwhelming dominance of Hitler and the Nazis in Germany and throughout much of Europe. Today many people are questioning the meaning of religious practice and the institutional Church. Perhaps his challenge “to live as though God did not exist” will help us also to reflect on the image of God at the center of our faith. We certainly do not want to live as though God were not an essential part of our lives. But we want that image of God to be an authentic image. Such an image will certainly be challenging.  Christ, who gave his life for all on the cross, is powerful in his weakness. His power is his love and the love that he calls us to as members of his Living Body.

Living Faith.