Excellent article from The Conversation.

The genius of the NBN is that it will break down that divide all across Australia. Instead of a digital “rain shadow” the whole nation will have equitable access. Instead of the frustration of strangled speeds, poor image clarity and slow (or no) service, an NBN society will be fundamentally more fair and productive.

But this will not happen without careful planning, and without a major series of moves to prioritise access to educational projects during the NBN rollout. The way forward is for universities to partner with secondary schools, with TAFE institutions and with the private sector to model the new face of learning.

Ultimately, then, the NBN is all about people; not about technology. It is about being able to train, inspire and educate students of whatever age to work together as never before. And it is about devising solutions to real challenges in an interdisciplinary way.


How the NBN will change education: Australia’s “Last Spike” moment. (Adam Shoemaker, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education) at Monash University)