Coalition to dump Gonski reforms: Pyne.

Just appalling: any short term gain for independent schools will be swamped by the justifiable outrage from the whole educate  community about the failure to properly fund the entire system. Where does Pine get the wisdom to ignore two years of work by an expert committee and the support of the entire education sector? Coalition = vandals.

THE federal Coalition has revealed it will repeal any legislation passed to introduce the Gonski reforms to the school funding system if elected to government next year.

However, opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne, who believes the reforms would lead to higher private school fees, said the Coalition would support legislation extending the existing funding model for two years to allow the public to decide at the federal election which party’s policy it supported.

”Anything the government did that undermined non-government school funding and was forced on parents we will dismantle,” Mr Pyne told The Age.

”The public should be allowed to choose at the next election between the certainty of the Coalition and the uncertainty of the government.”


The Coalition has pledged to retain the existing funding model, even though the Gonski report said it was ”unnecessarily complex” and lacked ”coherence and transparency”.

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