A good article on iPads, although I must keep saying it’s about pedagogy based on personal digital devices!

Really like this article on meaningful assessment:

Criteria for a Meaningful Classroom Assessment

To address these requirements, I ask myself the following guided questions:

    Does the assessment involve project-based learning?
    Does it allow for student choice of topics?
    Is it inquiry based?
    Does it ask that students use some level of internet literacy to find their answers?
    Does it involve independent problem solving?
    Does it incorporate the 4Cs?
    Do the students need to communicate their knowledge via writing in some way?
    Does the final draft or project require other modalities in its presentation? (visual, oral, data, etc…)

Clearly not all assessments achieve every single characteristic listed above. But in our attempt to address some of these elements, we will have made our classroom assessments so much more meaningful.