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There’s a learning curve when it comes to blogging and education. First, you should know that teachers should blog. Period. Here’s why.

Christopher Bounds‘s insight:

Given that most schools in Australia now have access to some kind of LMS, it makes sense to get teachers blogging. If it can be combined with a specific purpose, like feedback to the class, so much the better. Personally, I see any kind of blogging as a chance to engage in reflective practice. This is very much how I have come to use, which buyilds upon what I used to do with my WordPress blog (and which copies over to cbdomain when I want it to).


I’m often asked where I find the time to keep in touch with stuff (mostly it’s around the tech side of things, which I no longer place enormous value on, because most of my intellectual life is taken up with questions of pedagogy and leadership). The anwer isn’t the time; it’s just that I have long had the habit of reflecting on things and trying to fit it into my world view. Any kind of reflection encourages ghange and development. Kids should be going it. Teachers need to to do it: one sentence at a time, one day at a time…

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