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One of the great things I’ve noticed in the last 2 years is how my teaching has evolved with the use of the iPads.  It’s been a gradual shift, but the way I am…

Christopher Bounds‘s insight:

While I haven’t been involved at the classroom level with piloting the iPads, my impressions are very much those of this writer. As long as we focus on the device, or even on the apps, we remain caught in the old paradigm. The opportunity here is simply a better version of what technology has offered us since we first went on line and is no different from laptops and LMS/CMS and all the other things we have tried. It’s all about handing learning choice back to kids. There is still the need for direct instruction, still the need for teacher subject expertise, but the real skill has always been getting kids to choose to learn. I think the iPad is the first device to do that in an unobtrusive, non-problematic and everyday kindof way.

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