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When we were growing up, my father occasionally stood each of us against the back door and marked our height on the door in pencil. He wrote our initials and the date alongside each mark.

Christopher Bounds‘s insight:

I’m not sure that Geoff Masters has said anything radically new here: most research and intelligent comment has been saying this for decades. It is, after all, the basis for much that we understand about assessment for learning, which comes down to the link between endeavour, feedback and learning outcome.

What is different is the calibre of the commentator: ACER has shown the polical savvy to gain a considerable leverage with Governments and bureacracies. It may well be that this contributes to a harmonising of some of the quality teaching stuff promoted by AITSL and others. The biggest change needed is the legislative requirement to give reports with letter grades, which is now an embarrassment – and was never very helpful for those schools already doing more progressive reporting.

As always, New Zealand is leading the way with the widespread adoption of on-line portfolios accessible by parents. Could we have a Kiwi coup, please?

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