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Some thoughts on teachers, students and the Future of Education. If there’s a bookish child in your life, you should get them a copy of The Way Things Work: …

Christopher Bounds‘s insight:

Well, I could be a spoil sport and say that this utopic vision will never come to be; but I’m actually in no doubt that the future of learning is going to be based around the intelligent agent on some smart digital device. What I don’t think this means is the death of the teaching profession. It means we are free to be what we do best: mentor, care and grow our students. The other thing that such projects ignore is a great deal of the research on the relative advantages of direct instruction and socialised learning. Digital Aristotle will provide a flexible learning environment, but the essence of learning is disequilibrium. Unless the program goes outside the learning comfort zone, learning will not be faster, just more ‘personalised’. There will be a balance struck!

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