After the business and fuss of the last months, I have found myself on a train, traveling south from Paris. Strangely, I have very little idea, apart from the words in the Cor Novum letter, what is meant to happen to me me as a result of this experience.

I do expect it to be a positive experience. I’ve lost count of the hours that I have expended ensuring the College is compliant with every piece if legislation that the Board of Studies can thrown at us. But that is not all there is, I’m sure, in this strange journey of educational leadership that I’ve been on this twenty years. I might be quite good at it, but the idea “heart” of education is not something that I can escape, given my experiences.

We are heading for Issoudun, three hours south of Paris. My last sleep in a bed was Tuesday night, and it is now Thursday morning. Already we are out in the green country, in the dormitory towns with their overflowing station car parks. Twenty-four hours in Cathay Pacific’s seats hardly prepares you for an experience of this sort. Better hope for a good night’s sleep!