It seems like a good opportunity to introduce the pilgrims and the Cor Novum tam, just as a way of remembering what an extraordinary journey this is.

  • Phil is an old friend, part of the Chevalier Institute for four years now, and a repository of much msc life, having been in the order for thirteen years. Recently married and contemplating retirement, it’s great to see him relaxed and enjoying life with Ros.
  • Angela, like so many here — except me! — has a long association with Daramalan (22years).
  • Lyn is one of the group from OLSH at Bentleigh, so she is asking questions about Chevalier that are similar to the ones I might ask about the OLSH side of things.
  • Maureen seems to have been at OLSH for ever — I think her family must be part of the foundations! Educated there and worked there every since.
  • Josie is another OLSH poets on, and I’m really taken with the fact that her engagement with the charism is all about social justice.
  • Sr Linda fdndsc — that must be the best religious handle of them all — has been at Cor Novum since 1996. A nurse, she has just returned from taking the order’s superior general home to Australia as she is suffering from terminal cancer. Linda is from Pittsburgh and adds a lovely measured American accent to discussions.
  • St Cathy fdndsc is from Papua New Guinea and has just joined the Cor Novum team. She is a diminutive figure until you hear that she is a nurse and was involved in administration for years. Like all of us, she is a long way from home.
  • Adam is from Downlands, one of the youngest members of the crew.
  • Ian is not not only a Dara ex-student, but has a long history of leadership at the College. He’s here with young family. The kids have had a great adventure around Europe, but sometimes the French fare isn’t always to everyone’s taste! Karen and Ian are involving the kids in everything!
  • Fr Ted McCormack has been professed since 1954 and spend most of his time in parish ministry, missions and army chaplaincy. He still does locums, which is is pretty awesome. I put in his surname because it turns out, as we discovered over breakfast, that he is probably related to Paula’s Cormacks of Loughmore!
  • Fr Johannes is a beautifully courteous Frenchman, who is the team’s bursar and historian — and then you find out that he has a distinguished CV as a provincial and leader in the order. One is instantly taken by his deep spirituality and immersion in Fr Jules’ vision.
  • John is from Dara and has spent 30 years there, but I think he is me of those who is a willing ‘reinvigorator’, because he is anything but stale: a wonderful, warm and positive guy.
  • Darren is a great character — reminds me a bit of Selmes himself — and another person who has been in the charism all his life.
  • Terry is the deputy at Downlands and I think he is a bit like me — coming into the charism from other traditions and identifying with the spirituality of the heart.
  • Father Mark is an interesting character, like Ted not really in an educational ministry but completely involved in the life of Monivae.
  • Fr Hans is a key part of the team, and I will buy his book for €10 because he is really engaging the spirituality with its history and its present reality. A most impressive man.
  • Sr Gerardine is lovely — the perfect facilitator. A former teacher at OLSH and elsewhere, she brings a great warmth to what we do.
  • and who could forget Roland! The indispensable guide, translator and theologian.

And so, some words from the first lectionaries divino. Make of them what you will.

I stand on the edge of a maybe…

When the world seems full of possibilities…

In silence, Lord, I share now my eagerness and my uneasiness…