Chevalier’s own words:

God says to me
I have loved you with and everlasting love!
It is specifically me
Whom God has so loved,
Ungrateful me, sinful me…
O God of Love,
Make me understand this word:

What is it that makes Jesus more real than any historical figure, more real that even Jules Chevalier, in whose steps we walk and in whose vision we stand?

For us, Chevalier is a man of his time, admittedly with a profound insight that transcends the limitations of Nineteenth Century theology. His charismatic vision, however, was that through a deep immersion in the Gospels and the development of a relationship with the Jesus we find there and in our hearts, we could achieve a deep and abiding relationship with God and live in His Love.

This love is indeed missionary in character, because Chevalier, regardless of whether one was a priest, religious brother or sister, or lay person, wanted this who shared this love of Jesus to be missionaries —

To be on earth the Heart of God.