I was genuinely sad to leave Issoudun. The enormous fun we had outside the sessions in the group was fantastic, the meals were convivial with lots of sharing, and the La Cognette adventure was a thrill. Great food and wine, great company, and to take the team out was a pleasure — amazing that no one had thought to do it before!





I enjoyed the morning runs and, when the sun finally reappeared, photographing in the evening and finally at night.


I think both Fiona and I agreed that it would have been good to stay in the quiet if Issoudun for another night and spend some in the Crypt and the Chapel, reflecting on what we had been shown and told. If another group comes over, I will certainly be recommending it. And if anyone wants a slice of provincial life, they could do a lot worse than spend a couple of nights at the centre. The bed and board is good and you have two or three really good places to eat in the town.


I hate leaving and goodbyes(mine will be a quick funeral, and then on to the pub), but it was good to put of farewells until Paris for some of the travelers. Fiona and I came to the mutual conclusion that we were really worn out by everything and I was suffering a bad case of post-inspectionitis. We decided to cancel our dinner date, which gave me an evening to get my head together, go for a run, visit Les Invalides and then wander up Rue Cler for a feed (I did late lunch at one of the cafes opposite l’Ecole Militaire, which was pretty good, but a bit pricey. I am learning to prefer a salad and a beer, or look for the price fixe).

I’m just starting to appreciate just how busy I have made this trip…