The scene is Berlin. Grey clouds shower unwelcome rain on the laden pilgrims as they inflict their oversize baggage on the city’s public transport system. The local mental health system is bracing itself for a flood of anxiety attacks and post-traumatic stress disorder as commuters report random attacks of laden Canadians and Australians, roaming the buses and trams with attitude and backpacks.

Cut to the Bahnhof, as we caught the train. Polish Railways don’t believe in luggage racks, so getting all of us and all our luggage into three compartments was quite hysterical. We all are getting to know each other a bit, so the cooperation was impressive, but it was quite an achievement to get comfortable. Paula and I shared with the Albertans — Bruce and Beverley, Barry and Gail — and enjoyed the trip, but six hours on a slow compartment train was too long. Two ideas for our evaluation: flying top Warsaw, and changing our Warsaw hotel!

No disrespect to the proprietors, but the area near the station is a drab building site more than thirty minutes walk from the Old City, which is really what you would come here to see. Warsaw is not a pretty city outside the old areas, and that was where we wanted to be. We didn’t see enough on our way to dinner this evening, so the plan is for five of us to break away from the group and share a separate walk through the old town. Hopefully we get to do some good sightseeing before we leave on another five hours of travel tomorrow afternoon.

Kimberley’s load!