Cordoba was my idea, and probably I should apologise to Liam and maybe even Paula for the number of ruins and cathedrals we have visited; but Cordoba is a special case and it is not every day that you can find a cathedral plonked into the middle of a forest of moorish arches, nor walk amid Roman ruins and cross a Roman bridge. I supposed that one can reach a stage of saturation, but it is very hard in these historic cities to see enough, let alone too much, and the trip is melting away.

In fact, this blog is perfectly useless at conveying anything about the Mezquita, the cathedral within a mosque, other than to refer you to the photos.
I was particularly taken with the qibla, still there after all these Christian centuries. The Spanish Muslims have asked for permission to prayer in the Mezquita, and been refused by the Church. So much for the People of the Book.

Before lunch, we also visited the Alcazar and did an extensive tour of the gardens because we couldn’t find the exit. Bunnings use a similar system to sell garden products.