Ok, campers, here it is, the Camino Competition. From the depths if my ear worms come the following categories of road songs, as best I can remember them. This list took one hour on a flight to Heathrow, so you have to remember more than me! Your challenge, should you choose to take it, is to add to the list! Any popular song of the 20th and 21st Century is eligible. The only qualification is that the road noun must occur in the title or as a significant part of the song. Suggestions via Facebook, of course, as a reply or tag me. The list is closed when the number of songs for any road noun reaches thirty. Let’s see how we go! I’m predicting Brendan, Kieran, Patrick and Michael will have a strong showing, probably Nici and Ciara too.


  1. The Long and Winding Road (Paul McCartney)
  2. Crossroads (hah! Don McLean)
  3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John, Bernie Taupin)
  4. Take it Easy (Eagles)
  5. Every Day Is a Winding Road (Sheryl Crow)
  6. Further Down the Road (Bernard Fanning)
  7. Lonesome Road (Madeline Peyroux)
  8. Love Shack (B-52s, just check the lyrics!)
  9. Middle of the Road (Pretenders)
  10. Seven Bridges Road (Eagles — must be a Californian Thing)
  11. Road to Nowhere (Talking Heads)
  12. Woodstock (Joni Mitchell)
  13. Telegraph Road (Dire Straights)


  1. Highway to Hell (AC/DC, but I think it was written by Vanda and Young
  2. Born to Run (Bruce Springsteen, but this may be pushing the rules too far!)
  3. Hotel California (Eagles)


  1. Path of Thorns (Sarah McLachlan)


  1. Where the Streets Have No Name (U2)
  2. ‘A’ Bomb in Wardour Street
  3. Carlton (Lygon Street Blues) (massive cheat, but great Skyhooks)
  4. Dancing in Street (Martha and the Vandellas originally)
  5. Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is? (Chicago, just check the lyrics)
  6. Mercy Street (Peter Gabriel)
  7. 52nd Street (Billy Joel)
  8. Moon Over Bourbon Street (Sting)
  9. Out in the Street (Springsteen fans win this section hands down)


  1. On My Way to You (. )
  2. Find a Way to my Heart (Phil Collins)
  3. She Will Have Her Way (a cheat, but Neil Finn anyway)
  4. So Far Away (Carol King, only cheating a bit)


  1. Girls on the Avenue (Dickie Clap, of course!)


  1. Penny Lane (Lennon and McCartney)
  2. Mitchell Lane (Ben Folds Five)


  1. Ol’55 (Tom Waites)