I’m at my desk surrounded by staffing issues, wondering how to do loaves and fishes with the timetable as usual, and I’m leaving with Dom for London on Saturday. I don’t think I am at all coping: my brain hurts and my bag is not packed. For the record, and so we can keep a record (!), here is the list of things that we/he has planned. I think there are few people who could anticipate such an information intake without Museum Fatigue, and I wonder how long Dom will really last. I’m looking forward more to some exploring in parts of London I’ve never seen. I wonder if I can find a craft  beer-tasting? It may be a useful alloy to the museums, lol).

*Leicester Square

*London Eye








*British Museum

*Buckingham Palace and Changing of the Guard

*Jack the Ripper Tour

Any night we want to get out (see the sunset times below to see why), there are night tours

Free London Walking Tours
Free Tours of London
London Night Tours


*Imperial War Museum

19:30 Globe Theatre: Measure for Measure (confirmed)

IWM London site Free


*Tate Britain

*Tate Modern

*Fire, Plague and Pestilence Tour

Visiting TB

Visiting Tate Modern

Free Walking Tours




*National Maritime Museum, Cutty Sark, Royal Observatory

*Night out in Covent Garden (pick a show)

*British Library

*Museum of London

*Westminster Abbey

British Museum Web Site Free
*Harry Potter Museum

*Pick a walk! Pub walks, Literary Walks, Canals!

St Paul’s Cathedral

*London Literary Walk (Dickens and Shakespeare)

London Walks


Hampton Court? Combined with a River Cruise (if the weather’s good) Turks Tours £7
*Natural History Museum
*Day in Oxford
*Day in Kent or Dover (could do Chartwell or Penshurst