In Dom’s words, this was a very good day. The weather want glad to begin with, but we were promised better weather so we set out with optimism and raincoats to explore  Southwark  — mainly because I had forgotten to print out the tickets to the Globe.

The Jubilee Line is rapidly becoming familiar. We hopped off at London Bridge and walked across the road and, lo  and behold, there was Southwark Cathedral. I must have walked past it a dozen times over the years and not realised it was there. We dropped in for a visit and Dom was impressed by its “oldness”; but for me, I liked the way that St Mary Overrie had made itself into a place of welcome, with coffee shop and conference centre and a willingness to engage with social issues in a very contemporary way.

Around the cathedral are fantastic food markets and we’ve resolved to have at least one brunch here. Around the corner we ran into the Golden Hind, resting in the St Mary’s Dock. More photos, although Dom was most impressed with the modern building beside  it!


Tickets collected and the Globe duly admired, we set off for Holborn and the BM. As a veteran of the Camino and the Coast to Coast, I would have regarded myself as fairly good on my feet, but the couple of runs I’ve done and the roads are taking their toll. Dom, faced with the British Museum was indomitable (pub intended!). He was not to be deterred, though all the rugby tourists on London lay in front of him.  

Of course, the BM is huge, to the extent that they can afford to have a whole room devoted to the Enlightenment, in which the collection is larger than any in a comparable museum anywhere else. Greek and Etruscan pottery stands on beautiful shelves in priceless cabinets amidst a rare book collection  that would make a scientific bibliophile weep. All this to illustratethe voracious scientific appetites of the early natural philosophers. The good stuff was elsewhere.


We lunched economically in the cafe and knocked off several millennia of Egyptian and nd Assyrian history after lunch. Dom adeveloped  habit of disappearing into a crowd of primary aged Egyptologists to emerge, iPhone in hand, with more digital memories. At some point, we began to feel like the little mermaid, walking on knives. The time had come.

Back to Carson Road for housework and showers before heading back into London for a good meal and Measure for Measure for good measure. I don’t think this blog is the place for review, there isn’t the time; but we had a ball!