I regret that there is little to report about Wednesday: our visit to Portabello Road Markets was pleasant but no more, and I had some trouble wondering what all the fuss was about. On the other hand, both of my children would have had a ball, for different reasons; Madeline would have been in her element as most of the stalls and stores were a bit out there. Anyway, we wandered around until Brendan came through with an offer of an evening in Shepherds Bush, so off we went.


The evening turned into a really wonderful catch up, with Bren and Laura proving to be excellent hosts as they guided us to one excellent pub, a great Spanish restaurant near Hammersmith and, finally, to one of their favourites just hear Hammersmith Tube Station. They have obviously settled into the local vibe most successfully, and it was only the knowledge that we had to head out to Bletchley early-ish the next morning that stopped us from making it go a lot longer.


Our perambulation from ‘The Defector’s Weld’ (cute name), to Los Molinos and a table full of tapas, to ‘The Swan’, might have been in a constant London drizzle, but it gave us lots of time to catch up with the intrepid couple’s experiences since they got here. I must admit to being slightly envious of the range of experiences Laura and Brendan have clocked up over the years, and particularly what they have planned with their jobs in London. It obviously a suits them and it was great to see them so happily settled – even if Brendan has to leave for Melbourne and the Tennis Open next week.

Tomorrow, Bletchley Park and the chance to catch up with a less well-known part of the Second World War.