We decided that it would be good to separate for the day and do our own thing, probably because Graeme and I had run out of war museums or something. There was also the small matter of the ring, if not for eternity, certainly to commemorate the miraculous ten years that Paula and I have spent together. I had certainly intended to find something for Paula while we were away, but so far to no avail; and so, even though the Selmes had offered to hold my wallet hostage, Paula and I went wandering east from Marble Arch.

The ring continued to be elusive (and will probably inspire a three volume blog post with a diminutive hero and villain if I’m not careful), but pottering through London was altogether good fun. We found all sorts of things – Saville Row, Hamley’s (and we could have spent hours there), the ins and outs of the theatre district.


We had a very relaxed morning, just window shopping, and then we celebrated by seeing the latest film in the Star Wars franchise. Because we both grew up with the original trilogy and were well and truly disappointed by the narrative failures of the prequels – and who could like a galaxy with Jarjar Binks, although our galaxy does have Donald Trump – we were a little wary, notwithstanding the enthusiasm of some of our younger friends and relatives. But it di not disappoint, and jump some significant barriers in blockbuster cinema culture by having the two heroes as black and female. Great performances by all the oldies, and we are fans of Daisy Ridley. Paula has a Rey bobble-head for her desk at work… but that’s another story.

In the evening, we walked over to Canary Wharf to one of the pubs by the old Pool. Now before all the wise ones tell me that there are no good pubs in Canary Wharf, I’m happy to give the Cat and the Canary a thumbs up. A bit weak on the craft beer, but good atmosphere and some seriously good pub grub.


So, home via the Canary Wharf Christmas lights and the Thames Path, admiring the lights in the river. Must get back for some night photography.