Graeme and Sally were due to catch a train to Gatwick at the crack of dawn on Friday, so Thursday was a day to take it easy and get ready to leave the appartments. We pottered over to St Paul’s and did the magical walk around to the side of the building and over the Millenium Bridge to the Tate. It is one of my favourite views in London, looking along the axis that the bridge creates between the Cathedral and Southwark.

The weather was on the turn, and as we walked out of the Tate’s shop it poured. We battled wind and rain and admired both the Globe (so sad not to share this with Paula in a sunnier time) and the Golden Hind (notable for Sir Francis Drake’s innovation of a Diesel engine and propeller that allowed him to cruise around San Francisco Bay so easily) and on to our destination, the Borough Markets. I have to apologise to Dom that we never managed lunch here while we were doing London in September, because it more than lived up to our expectations. We all got something warm and yummy (a great Malaysian curry for me) and f0und an incredible array of everything culinary you could imagine. From fish to meat to bread to everything – the alley of cheese stalls was indicative. No market in Australia gets close.


Then it was a gentle wander to Covent Garden Markets, which I rather liked but Paula thought was a bit over-priced, with an on-the-way stop at Forbidden Planet, quite possibly the geekiest/dorkier place in the universe. For the uninitiated, the shop focuses entirely on Science Fiction and Fantasy franchises, from film, television and print. For Trekkies, Star Wars, and even X-Files (this means you, Paula), it is the best shop in the world. I got a great mug (“I like my coffee on the DARK side”) and I insisted that Paula get a Rey bobble-head for her desk at work –an inspiration for young women everywhere.



We also dropped into the London Transport Museum and I couldn’t resist a pair of cuff links with the Underground symbol. I’m also suffering from train-itis at the moment – I have a large history of Rail in Britain at home and I’m fascinated by the development of the Tube of the years – so I bought a book on abandoned bits of the Underground (Do Not Alight Here) as a bit of a keepsake.

Then home to cook the Selmes a farewell meal of roast chicken and veggies – pretty decent effort considering what we were working with!